Selecting Your Care Partner or Nurse

When you select At Home Nursing Care to provide quality in home care for someone you love, you can rest assured we stand by our employee selection and training.

At Home Nursing Care San Diego and Los Angeles is very selective in the hiring process.  Each potential employee is personally interviewed and thoroughly screened.  First we check their driving record.  Anyone with a poor record is immediately disqualified.  We then screen potential employees through local, state, and federal criminal databases and verify their credentials.  Each applicant must also provide valid references and an up to date TB test.  This screening process traditionally eliminates 75 to 80 percent of applicants.

How we choose your caregiver

In this short video, we explain how we make the perfect match between our clients and caregivers – to create a quality in home care experience. Learn about our five points of caregiver compatibility.

Upon being offered a position with At Home Nursing Care, our non-medical personal care attendants attend our proprietary training program and are signed up for continuing education. Our medical staff, including LVN’s and RN’s, must pass competency exams with a grade of 80% or higher.

When a new client contacts us for service, an assessment is first required.  Once the assessment is complete our care manager begins the match-making process by first considering the level of care needed, either non-medical or medical nursing care at home.

Our care manager relies on our Five Points of Compatibility.  Matches are made taking into consideration the skills and experience level of the caregiver or in home nurse, the geographic distance he or she will have to travel, his or her hours of availability, personality traits and client preferences.

After a match is made, we continuously provide oversight and supervision, which may include unannounced visits.  Our personal care attendants and nurses complete daily charting to make sure they are adhering to the plan of care developed by our nursing supervisor or case manager.

If a client is less than 100% satisfied with a match we’ve made, we investigate how we can improve and work to introduce another personal care attendant or nurse, often within 48 hours.  Our clients feel comfortable communicating with us and we will work hard to resolve any issues that may arise.  In most cases, our match-making truly works; we have many clients who have enjoyed the same care attendant consistently for years.

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