Parkinson’s Disease – San Diego & Los Angeles Home Care

In San Diego alone Parkinson’s disease affects 60,000 people.   Parkinson’s disease affects the way people move and causes four main symptoms; tremors, stiff muscles, slow movement and problems with balance or walking.  These symptoms are sometimes accompanied by dementia, difficulty swallowing and difficulty speaking.  Diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease usually occurs after age 50. We offer in-home care for Parkinsons Disease.

At Home Nursing Care can offer in home care for your loved one with Parkinson’s disease.  Daily interactions with compassionate caregivers may even help to minimize some of the Parkinson’s disease stages including depression.  Whatever the signs of Parkinson’s we stress fall prevention and good nutrition.  We also help with medication reminders and exercise, including support for Parkinson’s occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy.

No matter what Parkinson’s disease symptoms you or someone you love may be struggling with, let us help. Whether the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is at the onset or more advanced, we can provide hourly, live-in or overnight care for those affected by this debilitating disease.

Call 760-634-8000 (San Diego) or 310-692-9627 (Los Angeles) to learn more about our Parkinson’s services and no-cost, in home consultation for Parkinson’s disease.  We’ll select the most appropriate Parkinson’s help, caregivers and in home care in San Diego, CA or Los Angeles, CA for you or your loved one.