Today At Home Care Solution, along with the City of Encinitas, the Encinitas Senior Center and 75 family members and friends wished Loren a happy 100th Birthday.

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Loren celebrates 100 years

The 100 year old retired veteran and his 97 year old wife celebrated with a luncheon and party at the Encinitas Senior Center, where they have been volunteers and members for over 30 years.

Overwhelmed by all the attention, Loren responded to how he managed to live to 100, “I didn’t drink, smoke, tell dirty jokes or go with the girls who did.”

In response, his wife of 71 years told the crowd, “That’s not true, or you would not have married me.”

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The happy couple - Loren and his wife, Edna

Mayor Jerome Stocks presented a proclamation from the City of Encinitas to Loren in honor of his reaching the century milestone.

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Loren is King for the Day with Encinitas Mayor Jerome Stocks

The Mayor commented that Loren and his wife had lived in Encinitas for 60 years.  They bought an ocean front lot in Cardiff back in the early 1940’s, paying a whopping $700 dollars for the now multimillion dollar property. (They sold it and moved into central Encinitas years later.)

Loren commented that he wished he’d bought a few of those lots, if he only knew.  But he says, $700 was a lot back then!

At Home Care Solution was happy to provide cake for the celebration, baked by Chef Maria Santana.

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The Birthday Cake

Our employee, Aida, says she’s so happy to know the couple.  Happy Birthday Loren!

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Loren and Aida, At Home Care Solution Employee