Aging Life Care

Geriatric Care Management

When caregiving for an aging family member is overwhelming or simply not possible due to work or geographic limitations, a care manager may be a compassionate solution.


Aging life care, or care management, is a holistic approach to ensuring clients enjoy the highest quality of life possible with reduced stress and anxiety.


A care manager is a guide and knowledgeable advocate for a client, offering assessments of the client’s health, safety, living arrangements, goals and needs – with an emphasis on preserving independence and promoting autonomy whenever possible. 

Our Care Approach 

At Home Nursing Care uses a multi-disciplinary approach to care management, including a full assessment performed by a Registered Nurse that includes the client’s physical, cognitive, functional capacity along with evaluation of support systems, social interactions, safety, financial and legal issues.


We create a care plan based on the client’s goals and strengths, including steps to be taken to improve their quality of life, a time frame and a listing of the people responsible for each step.

Accreditation and Licensing

As an ACHC Accredited and California Department of Public Health licensed home health agency, our clinical staff can reconcile and manage medications including screening for interactions or medications considered higher risk for older adults.  We can offer in home care services such as a caregiver or companion through our own company or one of the client’s choosing and simply supervise the care.

Services and Payment Options

Other services include: crisis intervention and prevention, scheduling and accompanying clients to medical appointments, relocation or placement assistance to or from home, the hospital, nursing home or hospice.  We coordinate with the client’s doctors and keep all records in one place.  We also arrange for bill pay services or referrals to fiduciaries, elder law attorneys, certified financial planners when applicable.


We provide reports to family members as needed and work with a medical social worker if the client can benefit from counseling and additional education.


Charges are billed hourly, in 15 minute increments, with packages available depending on a client’s need.  Call 760-634-8000 to inquire about care management services.

Aging Life Care Association Member

Care management services are supervised by Founder Lauren Reynolds – a professional member of the Aging Life Care Association who is also a Certified Senior Advisor.


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Aging Life Care Association Member

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