At Home Nursing Care is proud to be a sponsor of the Healthy Aging Conference, where community members, case managers and nurses heard great speakers and advice for aging well.

The two day conference, spearheaded by the Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center as a community outreach and fundraising event, had nearly 200 attendees who enjoyed learning and lunch at the Fairbanks Ranch Country Club.    Along with At Home Nursing Care, other sponsors included the VI at La Jolla Village, Sharp Healthcare, and Brian Connelly and Associates Real Estate.

We’d like to thank the speakers who were simply outstanding.  They were informative and relevant, and often entertaining as they taught valuable lessons on aging well.

One example of the outstanding presentation was the one given by Mimi Guerneri, MD, Director of the Pacific Pearl of La Jolla.

Dr. Guarneri is President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and advocates combining western medicine with good nutrition and stress reduction.  She  talked about the need to adopt a Mediterranean diet, minimize empty calorie intake and sugars and the need to get physical activity every day.

“If you can roll your bread into a ball, don’t eat it,” she remarked, opting instead of whole grains, natural foods such as legumes, wild fish and green leafy vegetables.

“Get off sugar, get off simple carbs,” she said.

She also listed some supplements that may be beneficial to aging well: Omega 3, Turmeric, Probiotics and Magnesium.  She showed how stress takes a toll on the body chemically and and her other advice for aging well is to meditate.

Stephanie Mantinpour, Pharm.D. talked about managing prescription medications, including which medications are higher risk for seniors.  She runs PillBoxTalk and is the consulting pharmacist for At Home Nursing Care.

Michel Zelnick, MFT, J.D. is a business therapist who coaches family members or business partners who are in deep conflict.  He talked about the chemical reasons that people say terrible things when they are angry, scared or tired, and provided coping mechanisms to respond.

Michel Zelnick, Speaker for the Healthy Aging Conference

Michel Zelnick, Speaker for the Healthy Aging Conference 2015


Dr. Dee Silver, MD, talked about the general causes of degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and gave practical advice for seeking valuable treatments and avoiding the scams.

Colin Depp, Ph.D. spoke about successful cognitive and emotional aging, why people in their middle ages (40’s to 50’s) tend to be the most unhappy, and seniors report being the happiest in their lives in their golden years.  One surprising topic; people report spending a lot of time watching TV, but say they are the least happy when they are watching TV.  So get outside and be social with others, and grow old to be really happy!

It was a truly wonderful event and I’m grateful to be part of it.  I can’t wait for next year’s line up!

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