At Home Nursing Care continues to provide accredited home care

At Home Nursing Care is proud to announce it is once again offering accredited home care as we have passed our survey through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.  This voluntary extra screening and stamp of approval by licensed surveyors allows the agency to promote accredited home care, including companionship services, in home caregiving, private duty nursing, and Medicare Certified Home Health Care visits.

At Home Nursing Care, Inc. was originally approved to provide accredited home care back in 2016, a major step to demonstrate to experienced homecare surveyors that we follow a higher standard of quality home care.  In 2019, its homecare services accreditation was renewed with zero deficiencies, and in late 2019, a separate survey recommended deemed status for Medicare Certified Home Health care visits. The latest accredited home care designation occurred in 2023, as the agency has demonstrated a pattern of compliance, safety and customer service.

Banner of Approval ACHC
Seal of Approval for Accredited Home Care from ACHC

Also in 2023, the agency earned the prestigious BBBforGood Designation from the Better Business Bureau, demonstrating it’s commitment to community service.

“We are proud and thank our employees, clients and community partners for helping us reach this goal,” says Lauren Reynolds, Founder/Administrator of At Home Nursing Care.

Accreditation means a home health care agency promotes quality home care by meeting stringent national standards.  A registered nurse conducts an in person survey of the home health agency, which is unannounced.   The accreditation survey includes interviews with employees and clients and a review of charts and agency policies.

At Home Nursing Care earned accreditation for both areas it serves, San Diego County and the West Side, South Bay areas of Los Angeles County and Culver City. 

Culver City office provides accredited home care
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The parent office of At Home Nursing Care is located in Encinitas, California, and oversees the operations of the branch office based in Culver City, California. 

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care is a not-for-profit and as a result, has stood independently as a symbol of excellent quality home care evaluation since 1986. 

Earning accreditation allows both the Encinitas At Home Nursing Care main office and the Culver City homecare branch to be listed on the accredited home care directory, a website limited to accredited agency where families can look for care in their geographic area.  

“I am proud that our caregivers welcomed this challenge and excelled,” says Reynolds, “They cared about meeting this goals, and therefore they have learned extra skills to provide the best care for their clients.”

At Home Nursing Care provides dementia care, companionship, personal care, light housekeeping, errands, RN and geriatric care management, medication management and home infusions.   It staffs nurses in hospitals and nursing facilities.  In addition, the agency assigns nurses to work local school districts.  This allows medically fragile children the support needed to attend classes with their peers.

The agency credits its long serving employees for the ability to offer accredited home care. More than 10% of the staff have been with the agency more than 10 years, even though the agency was only founded in 2010. In addition, the length of service for employees is longer than four years, much better than the national average.

10 year employee provides accredited home care
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At Home Nursing Care credits its employees loyalty to the agency on recognizing their hard word and dedication. For example, in 2023, forty seven employees earned more than $90,000 in state grant money just for finishing 10 hours of continued education. The agency paid $4,000 to access a software provider who could process the grants, to give the employees that opportunity.

managers provide accredited home care
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Hiring an agency to provide accredited home care helps protect consumers, as caregivers are never independent contractors. And under new laws, such as AB5, the enforcement of misclassification of employees is growing, leading to fines and penalties for families and businesses that don’t pay employees correctly or don’t provide sick time or worker’s compensation insurance.

For more information on accredited qualityHome Care in San Diego or Los Angeles, call 760-634-8000.