One of our favorite in home care clients, who has also been one of our oldest clients, happily describes the benefits of in home elderly care, one of the most rewarding areas of home health care.  99 year old Loren was hesitant about accepting in home care at first.  But by the time he nearly reached 103 years old, he was a believer in the quality of home care. 

At 99 years old, Loren was told what many seniors his age hear from his doctor, that he could no longer continue to drive safely.  His daughter suggested in home care to get him and his wife from their home to daily lunch at the Encinitas senior center.  There was no reason an inability to drive should limit the activities that had brought the couple joy and connections in the community for years. 

In fact, staying connected as we age to our community helps reduce the depression and loneliness that seniors face when they are isolated. 

While hesitant at first, Loren agreed to a few hours of care per week to start.  As he and his wife continued to live and age, the hours grew as well.  Eventually, Loren’s wife passed away, and by 102 years old, Loren needed full time care himself.  His caregiver was with him when he passed, hearing his final thoughtful words, “thank you.”

In home care clients like Loren want to maintain their independence, and they don’t want to feel they are being patronized or told what to do.  It’s important that the family and home care agency work together to form a plan of care based on the client’s goals, needs and values, so that his quality of life is maintained in a way that is satisfying to him. 

There are ways to talk to a family member about starting in home care, in fact, we have 10 tips we’ve created here. 

But don’t take our word for it, listen to Loren describe his in home care for himself!  When asked at age 100 if he would allow us to interview him, Loren said in his usual great humor, “Better get here fast, who knows if I’ll be around tomorrow.”  

We did get there fast, and Loren enjoyed watching the video that keeps him alive with us forever.