At Home Nursing Care Founder Lauren Reynold shared her COVID-19 experience with her staff to show that the home are agency will never recommend employees do something that the leaders and managers are not willing to do.  

Reynolds received her second vaccine in May and admits it wasn’t fun.  But she does feel protected, especially working around elderly and compromised home care clients. 

“I want my great homecare staff to know that the rules and obligations are the same for those of us in office as well as those working in the home care field, including protecting our community through vaccination,” says Reynolds. 

 According to the state’s COVID-19 public database, 383,700 vaccines are being given each day. 

Anyone over the age of 16 is eligible for a vaccine as state leaders try to completely reopen the economy and end the Tier system by the middle of June. 

Reynolds received her vaccine at a CVS in Oceanside.  

“I had a sore arm for two days, and slight chills overnight, almost like having a fever, with no fever.  I still went golfing the next day.  The first shot didn’t hurt at all, but the second shot gave me fatigue and a very sore arm for two days” she says.

Although appointments are needed, some CVS stores are reporting that people are not showing up for appointments, leaving some extra doses available each day for walk ins. 

Below are various links to make a COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment

Rite Aid




San Diego County Sites

Family Health Centers of SD

Sharp Healthcare Locations (you don’t need to be a current Sharp patient.)

SD County Vaccination Sites Map

SD County Vaccination Sites List

UCSD (you do not need to currently be an UCSD patient.)

Cal Fire