Our homecare employee, Valerie, cashed in bonus bucks this week in exchange for a blue tooth speaker. 

She enjoys gardening, and so she’ll play music while working in her garden.  The speaker cost the equivalent of $30 in bonus bucks. 

At Home Nursing Care, Inc. understands that retaining and supporting our employees is what makes us a leader in the homecare industry.  Bonus bucks are a fun way to give employees rewards of their own choosing. 

How do they earn bonus bucks?  Bonus bucks are earned simply by doing a good job.  Employees get bonus bucks for clocking in and out on time, turning in their care notes on time, having their important data, such as TB test information, up to date and filling in during a caregiver shortage. 

Employees can pick items in our “company store”, such as gift cards, gas cards or jewelry.  Or employees can request a particular item and we’ll get it for them. 

This reward system is one reason At Home Nursing Care, Inc. has an 80% retention rate for employees, compared to the national average of less than 50% retention. 

We are so grateful to Valerie and the rest of our homecare team for helping our clients to live a better life at home.