Bolt, a Certified therapy dog,  loves his job with At Home Nursing Care, giving comfort to San Diego home care clients.  The trained therapy dog provides a lick and loves to walk around San Diego with our home care clients.

Therapy dogs are known to help calm anxiety and ease pain for home care clients.   They can lower blood pressure and stress levels and enhance our happy hormones.  Bolt brings a smile to our clients’ faces, loves walking and as a result, he promotes exercise for our clients.  Furthermore, he offers unconditional love.

On this day, Bolt visited one of our favorite San Diego home care clients.  They went for a walk and Bolt even wrestled around with a neighbor’s dog.  It was fun.    Most especially, our client had a laugh and a nice walk in the beautiful San Diego sunshine.

Bolt can’t talk, but if he could he would say, “I love being a therapy doe for San Diego’s home care clients.  The bosses let me do what I do best, make people happy.”

At Home Nursing Care offers a visit with our therapy dog to any home care client in San Diego who needs a friend.

Bolt with his Buddy!

Bolt with his Buddy!