After nearly 12 years in business, with the world experiencing a great re-set with COVID-19, we felt it was time to take a fresh look at the underlying values that drive our work with At Home Nursing Care on a daily basis.

Over the last year, our leadership team has embarked on a focused evaluation, taking classes and getting coached, much like our amazing caregivers and nurses do for at least 12 hours every year.

Something we’ve learned from this experience is to continually focus on our core principals. We’ve defined who our “Right-Fit” clients and employees are, we’re updating our recruiting process to reflect changes in technology and home care workforce challenges, and we are striving to make sure we put our values into action every day.

Simply said, we don’t want our values to just be words, but to serve as guiding beliefs that shape our decisions and map out our work goals. We also realize that every few years, how we convey the values, or the wording, may change, but the underlying principals remain firmly entrenched in everything we do.

This is our 2022 revision launch, just slightly adapted from our initial mission wording established in April of 2010.

Our vision is to be the leading, most reliable and trusted home care company where clients can find the resources and consistent services they need.

Our mission is to help our clients live a better life at home through the consistent delivery of qualityHome Care.

Our Values:

  1. We do the right thing, the first time.
  2. Honesty and Integrity drive our choices.
  3. Our work is meaningful, fulfilling and provides value for “Right Fit” clients and employees.

We welcome our clients and team members on this journey with us, expanding our services and growing our employment while retaining the principals that helped us to launch, grow and succeed thus far.