The benefits of in home care are not just better health, it’s a more fulfilling quality of life

Hearing the words in home care often leads to thoughts of medical care or a loss of independence.  But in home care can be a lot of fun, both for the person receiving care and the caregiver or personal care attendant who is providing it.

Senior in home care client with wife is helped out of the car by an in home care provider.
Senior in home care client helped by Caregiver to attend an event

Part of quality in home care includes determining a senior’s needs, values, strengths, and goals.  This is called client-centered care.  Improving social engagement is often mentioned as a top goal by seniors and their families, especially when adult children live too far to provide weekly interactions, or when seniors have been blessed with a longer life than their spouse or friends.

Having an in-home caregiver/companion can improve independence for a senior, for example, who is no longer able to safely drive or for someone who just needs a little stand by assistance to get in and out of a car.  Clients with cognitive impairment in early to mid-stage are helped by maintaining older social routines with the help of a caregiver.

A professional caregiver can provide incidental transportation while providing in home care for a senior.  The incidental transportation isn’t limited to doctor’s appointments or the grocery store, but can include drives to the beach, to venues such as movie theaters, festivals, art shows, lectures and more.  

For At Home Nursing Care, our agency policy is that the senior or home care client may choose to ride in his or her own car, if it’s maintained and insured.  Or the client may ride in the care provider’s car.  Mileage is charged at the IRS current reimbursement rate and goes directly to the care provider.

Our caregivers/companions are fully screened including a safe driving record as defined by our insurance carrier.

A care provider who is a fun companion may provide extra inspiration for a senior to sign up for a chair yoga class at the local senior center, or to take bridge classes, or to resume luncheons with friends.

In this picture, our care provider Jaime took our client to see Top Gun Maverick, then to lunch with a friend.  Both had a great afternoon.

Caregiver and Client Shopping
Care Provider and Client Having Lunch after Movie

Our care manager, Chrissy, enjoyed a day at the San Diego Fair with our client Jack.

Chrissy and Jack at the San Diego County Fair
San Diego Care Manager and Client Visiting San Diego County Fair

Getting out of the house while getting in home care has many benefits, including increased socialization, activity that stimulates the brain, exposure to fresh air and sunshine and even the benefits of exercise such as walking.  Any activities should be part of the plan of care and should not involve great expense unless with written approval from the client or client’s representative.  The activities may be suggested by the care provider, but they should align with what’s best for the senior or home care client.

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