At Home Nursing Care is proud to serve veterans as part of the VA Community Care Network.  This program is designed to help veterans access care more easily and, in the communities where they live. In Home Care can be provided to eligible veterans at no cost through the program, as the care is funded by the VA.

The Community Care Network, CCN, is a robust network of various community providers to give veterans greater choices for care outside of VA medical facilities.  Two of the potential benefits include in home care or home health.

In addition to traditional medical or behavioral health care, the CCN expands access to dialysis, comprehensive rehabilitation, residential care, home-health care, hospice care, dental, immunizations, and long-term acute care, along with hypnotherapy and massage therapy.

To receive services through the VA Community Care Network, the veteran will need a referral to a specific provider.  The provider can be selected by the veteran if the provider, such as At Home Nursing Care, is a member of the VA Community Care Network.  A provider may also be selected by using a search tool to find agencies that are part of the program near where the veteran lives.

To use the search tool – go to the VA Facility Search Website.

Type in the City, State or Postal Code (zip code) in the first box.  In the second box, select and for type of service, select Community Providers in VA Network from the drop down, finally, in the third box, type Home Health.  A list of providers nearby will pop up. 

The veteran can reach out to the social worker/case manager at the VA or can request a referral from his or her physician.  The veteran can also call the provider directly.  Providers may be able to make a referral request on behalf of the veteran through the online HSRM.  (HealthShare Referral Manager used by the VA.)

The VA has created a single point of contact for veterans, their beneficiaries, or representatives to get more information about the Community Care Network. 

Community Care Contact Center: 


Community Care Website: