Caregiving Service

If you or someone you love needs extra assistance to stay safe and comfortable at home with quality caregiving services, we can help.

Our quality licensed and accredited caregiving services in San Diego County and Los Angeles County give peace of mind to families and help preserve as much independence as possible for the clients we serve.

Compassionate, trained and screened personal care attendants, certified nursing assistants or home health aides help our clients live a better life at home by enhancing their quality of life. We can provide caregivers in San Diego and Los Angeles in shifts starting at six hours a day, eight hours a day, twelve hours a day and up to around-the-clock care,cute-picture-of-lou-smiling 24 hour a day care.

What will a caregiver provide for you?

We like to think of our caregivers as a dedicated and reliable extension of the family – someone who will quickly become a trusted friend of our clients.

Our care begins with a visit by our Nursing Supervisor, who carefully listens to the client’s needs and concerns. She notes the client’s diagnosis, any safety issues, creates a list of all current medications, emergency contacts, physicians and any special concerns the family might have. She then works with the client to create an individual service plan which serves as a road map for our experienced caregivers. The nurse returns every two months to supervise the care, making sure the client is completely satisfied and she updates the plan as needed. At least every six months, our nurse revises the entire care plan with the client to make sure we capture any changes.

For those clients who have a safety issue due to weakness or dementia, our caregivers can provide constant safety monitoring, an extra set of eyes and ears with the goal of reducing the risk of falls, accidents and wandering.

They also will drive clients to appointments, such as the hair salon, post office, doctor’s appointments, to visit grandchildren, out to lunch, to arts programs, senior centers and more.

In the home, our caregivers will prepare healthy meals based on client preferences and needs, will tidy up the kitchen, keep the dishes washed and put away, clean the restrooms, wash linens and clothing and dress beds, dust, vacuum.

They are trained and capable of assisting our clients with bathing, dressing, and they will discreetly and kindly handle incontinence issues, always protecting the dignity and privacy of the people we serve.

While caregivers cannot administer medications, such as insulin injections or g-tube medications and feedings, they are able to provide medication radrianaandmrs-gresizedeminders. The family or our nursing supervisor will fill a pill box on a weekly basis with the days and times for medications clearly noted. Our caregivers will remind the clients of each dose and then will chart if any medication is missed, refused or any other issues. They report any issues back to the family, physician, and our Nursing Supervisor. We customize their charting to what the family needs to feel secure. We welcome family members to review our charting and ask questions or request changes.

As part of our accreditation, our caregivers participate in twelve training sessions each year, keeping their skills fresh and informing them of emerging issues and trends in client care.

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