Bolt provides companionship and calming therapy as a senior services dog in San Diego County

At Home Nursing Care is pleased to honor our senior services dog, Bolt, after his 7 years of providing love, companionship and lots of licks to seniors in San Diego County.

Bolt the Senior Home Care Dog takes a rest after 7 years of serving San Diego clients
At Home Nursing Care Rescue Dog “Bolt"s into Action as Senior Home Care Dog 5

In 2015, Bolt, rescued form a shelter in Mexico, started improving Home Care.  He was ready to “Bolt” into action as a “Bolt of Sunshine” for our clients as a senior services dog.  This adorable Austrian Sheppard puppy began some “saving” of his own – by providing a little puppy love to our Home Care clients.

Named “Bolt” in honor of the San Diego Chargers, the puppy’s turn in luck from abandoned to “employed” by At Home Nursing Care as a senior services dog was all thanks to a bet on a Charger’s Game.

Lynda Clerke, At Home Nursing Care’s Community Relations Director, describes how Bolts dog rescue story happened.

“It was December 2014 and the Chargers were playing the Kansas City Chiefs.  A win would land the Chargers in the playoffs.  My husband, Dennis, bet the Chargers were going to lose when the Chiefs were within a field goal of a victory.  My son, Chad, said, ‘I’ll take that bet and if the Chargers win, I get a puppy!’

The deal was struck and Charger fans know what happened next – the Chiefs missed the field goal and the Chargers went to the playoffs.  One day after the bet, we had this adorable 4 pound puppy, which my son chose to name Bolt!”

Lynda – who heads the Medical Ministry program for the Rock Church in her free time – has a heart for service and she recognized this in Bolt as well.  She wanted to make our Home Care better than ever by including a senior services dog.

Bolt the senior services dog, loves to visit his friend Gordon.
At Home Nursing Care Rescue Dog “Bolt"s into Action as Senior Home Care Dog 6

In 2015, Bolt graduated from his first round of training as a therapy dog – earning accolades from his trainer along with his diploma! While at work providing Home Care, he’s still a little rambunctious and has a little bit more training and growing up to do – but his future is to be a “Bolt” of sunshine for our clients and our community.

After his training was complete, Bolt and Lynda started visiting At Home Nursing Care’s Home Care clients who want the companionship and love of a dog, but who can’t have pets full time at their Home Care in San Diego.

Meet Bolt, our official senior services dog who has worked for At Home Nursing Care since 2016
At Home Nursing Care Rescue Dog “Bolt"s into Action as Senior Home Care Dog 7

Bolt also worked as a senior services dog at rehabilitation centers, hospitals, or community service groups who request a “Bolt” of sunshine.

Thank you Bolt and Lynda for your dedication to seniors in San Diego County!

Lynda Clerke, who rescued Bolt and helped him become a senior services dog.
At Home Nursing Care Rescue Dog “Bolt"s into Action as Senior Home Care Dog 8

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