Rescue therapy dog loves to rescue others with licks and play

Senior helper therapy dog “Bolt” loves to visit his home care clients.  He even tries to pretend her can write about it.

“Today I visited my best buddy, Gordon, who loves our pet therapy dog services,” says Bolt.

Therapy Dog Bolt loves to help San Diego County In Home Care Clients
Senior Helper Therapy Dog for Happy Home Care Clients since 2015 3

These therapy dog visits are part of theHome Care provided to clients by At Home Nursing Care, a licensed and accredited provider of in home care and nursing.

Adding a service dog visit as part of the client centered plan of care for in home services is another way At Home Nursing Care makes in home care more fun.

Therapy dogs are senior helpers by providing companionship, exercise and unconditional love.  Bolt loves to be pet, and Gordon loves to take long walks with bolt, which improves his stamina and health.

There are many benefits of having a therapy dog, including mental benefits, physical benefits and emotional benefits. A therapy dog visit can reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, calm nerves and help people with health issues feel less lonely and isolated, which is a detriment to improved health.

“Gordon is a very nice client of At Home Nursing Care,” says Bolt, ”he always gives me a healthy treat and pets my head.”

Gordon visits therapy dog bolt
Senior Helper Therapy Dog for Happy Home Care Clients since 2015 4

Of course, being a senior helper is tiring and Bolt often has to take a nap while he is being pet by our clients.

If you or someone you love would benefit from a senior helper therapy dog, give At Home Nursing Care a call.  We offer home care and senior helper services daily, hourly and around the clock.  All care is supervised by a registered nurse, and we create a care plan with your input to get just the right care for you.

Bolt has been employed by At Home Nursing Care since 2015, and we thank him for his years of service.

We are BBB Accrdited with an A+ and we are also Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care.  This higher level of care and service sets our senior helper services apart.

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