At Home Care Solution is proud to announce that one of our most compassionate and professional caregivers is the recipient of our Above and Beyond Award.


Above and Beyond Award Recipient

Dianne learned to be an excellent caregiver through her own life experiences.  She first cared for her father-in-law who had Alzheimer’s disease and then provided around the clock care for another relative who was diagnosed with cancer.

Dedicated to always learn and grow, Dianne earned high marks in our proprietary training program and said it confirmed that she was using both common sense and compassion to address the toughest challenges of caring for those affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Clients of Dianne praise her punctuality, responsibility, attention to detail and desire to go way above and beyond their expectations.  When Dianne noticed a client adding notes in the margins of a daily health chart, Dianne took the initiative to go home and redesign the chart.  She worked on her computer for hours to create the perfect template.  Her client was so pleased to have a simpler way to measure daily health readings.

Dianne’s clients have been both men and women, and she thoroughly enjoys improving the quality of their days with her.  Dianne is one of the reasons that At Home Care Solution is one of the fastest growing providers of qualityHome Care across San Diego County.