When we select a caregiver for you or your parent, we are very picky. We choose only the top 10% of applicants to even interview. Then we conduct an average of 15 interviews for every one caregiver we hire.


The traits we’re looking for are honesty, kindness, reliability, and superior experience and training. We conduct a thorough criminal background check and driving record check. When an applicant passes all these tests, then we provide training on customer service, best practices, infection control, nutrition and dementia training.


We’re an approved state provider, which means we offer continuing education to nurses, social workers, nursing home administrators, fiduciaries, assisted living administrators, and our own staff. During this training period, we observe our new caregiver to see how they interact, what kind of person they are, and whether they meet our standards for excellence. If they successfully complete this training, then they become a member of our At Home Nursing Care