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Client with home care needs and her loyal caregiver.


Home care needs are inevitable for most of us, and planning instead of simply reacting helps promote a safer and less stressful home care experience for family members.  At Home Nursing Care is here to help with your home care needs.

It’s been called the Silver Tsunami, a burst in the number of elderly individuals and as a result, an increase in home are needs.  The Silver Tsunami definition is: a dramatic increase in the number of Americans who are 65 years or older.   Due in part to birth rates (the baby-boom), medical and scientific advancements, and more people are living longer.

For the first sixty years of the 20th century, life expectancy grew by about 2.5 years.  But from 1960 to 2007 – life expectancy expanded by a whopping 4.2 years.  Currently, anyone fortunate enough to hit 65 has an average life expectancy of 18.6 more years.

Keeping on the statistics train, 1 in 8 Americans is now 65 or older.  That segment currently makes up 12.9% of the population, but it will jump to 19.3& of the population by 2030, according to the US Department of health and Human Services.

Many older people live alone.  Since older women outnumber older men and have longer live spans, half of all women aged 75 and older live alone.

home care client lives to 103

Loren is the exception – this home care client lived to nearly 103!

In California, 25% of all seniors live by themselves, and about of third of those seniors have some form of disability.

Being able to age comfortably, either in place or in a suitable assisted living environment, takes some planning, especially financial planning.   A recent AARP study found that 31.6 % of seniors have experienced a substantial decline in their home’s value over the last three years, and a quarter of all seniors have exhausted their personal savings.

Paying for in-home care, such as the care offered by my company, At Home Nursing Care, can feel out of reach for some seniors.  Those with good long term care policies experience less stress when hiring in-home help.  I know of a 60 year old man who pays $300 a month for his long term care insurance.  His father had Alzheimer’s disease, so this man worries that within a couple of decades he’ll need substantial home care.  His policy will currently pay $300 a day for care, an amount that will rise over time.  That amount should cover his needs, whether he chooses a live-in caregiver in his home or a specialized memory care community.

Reverse mortgages are another option for seniors with limited cash reserves.  They are available to people 62 or older who own their homes.  The amount of money available is based on age, current interest rates and a home appraisal.  The draw-back is the cost/fees involved, so be sure to consult a financial planner and someone experienced with reverse mortgages.  Beware of potential scams. Home care clients are especially vulnerable to the greed and corruption out there.

It’s always a good idea to identify someone who can have power-of-attorney, and power of health care directive.  Keep a will and trust in order.  A simple way to make sure an elderly person’s wishes are clear and known is what’s called a Polst form.  Normally printed on hot pink paper, this form alerts paramedics, nurses and physicians as to a person’s end of life wishes.  We provide these forms to our clients so our caregivers are also aware of how to react when there is a significant medical issue.

While many of these home care issues are uncomfortable to talk about, having a plan makes everyone feel better and takes away the pressure of making hurried decisions in a crisis for the elderly relatives we love. Contact At Home Nursing Care for quality in-home care and senior helpers in San Diego or Los Angeles.

At Home Nursing Care is a licensed and accredited provider of quality home care.  We offer care hourly, daily, or around the clock with supervision by a Registered Nurse.  Give us a call and we’ll meet with you in your home, describe all the costs and we’ll work with you to create a home care plan that fits your needs.  Our daily reporting keeps family members informed of our home care activities.  We invite you to call us today 760-634-8000.   We are also BBB Accredited with an A+ score.

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