For being on time, going the extra mile, completing required training and updating expiring items such as CPR, our staff is being rewarded with bonus bucks!

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This “play money” is not real currency, but it can be exchanged in the At Home Nursing Care Employee Rewards store for real prizes, such as Ear Pods, gift cards, candles, electronics, beauty products, small appliances and more!

“We wanted to show our employees how appreciated they are in a unique and joyful way,” said Lynda Clerke, Community Relations Manager who came up with the Bonus Bucks Incentive Program.

Reward Store San Diego

Here is how it works: Our employees earn $10 of bonus bucks each month just for meeting basic requirements, such as – no last minute work cancellations, being on time, clocking in and out appropriately without a reminder, and completing and submitting chart notes each shift.

Additional ways to earn Bonus Bucks include taking an emergency or last minute shift, keeping training up to date, providing the agency with updated expirations such as CPR cards or car insurance, and employees can exchange a certain amount of unused sick time for bonus bucks.

The full rules are here and our store is open! Make an appointment to “shop” with us, or save up the bonus bucks for the holiday season next year.

Our caregivers and nurses are the very best! We hope this makes rewarding them more fun.


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