Thank you to PFAC for hosting this eye opening webinar yesterday talking about COVID-19 and our aging population. The speaker is an Adjunct Professor from Stanford who is treating people with COVID-19.

I encourage you to watch it, as I learned a great deal. Some of the key takeaways for me….

  1. The Virus stays on plastic for up to 72 hours… be sure to remove items you purchase that are in plastic (tomatoes), wash produce with soap and water and then store them in your own clean container.
  2. Do not use your reusable grocery bags when shopping – wash them now and put them away for later.
  3. Wearing a surgical mask when outside is not going to protect you unless you are ill and want to make sure you don’t “spray” when you sneeze or cough.
  4. The virus may be so small that two N-95 masks are needed, along with more face protection, if someone is working with a “Positive” client/patient. This is difficult with the current shortage.
  5. Keep that hand sanitizer handy – and do not, do not, do not touch your face! Keep washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, especially after using the restroom or handling items, shopping, driving. Wash your hands right when you arrive in your home or someone else’s home, and wash your hands right before you leave.

Thank you PFAC for this important information. I’m proud to an associate member and supporter for the last 8 years.