Let’s face it; our teenagers are much better equipped than we older adults in all things “technical”. They are used to playing video games online with crowds of people over headsets, turning in homework with google docs, and ordering food via all sorts of phone apps. Visiting a doctor “online” is routine to them.

Seniors are less experienced with technology, but that doesn’t mean they should be denied a simple benefit, a one on one virtual visit with their doctor, paid for by most insurance companies and Medicare.

As Ron Emanuel, Chicago Mayor, famously said, “never let a crisis go to waste”,  he was right about some changing regulations. Telehealth is now recognized by the CDC as a great way to get a medical evaluation for an at risk person in the safety of their own home. This is a change that is not going away.

But there is still a learning curve in getting an elderly person to have a productive visit with their doctor. This is where At Home Nursing Care can help. We can send a person, wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment, into the home to facilitate the online visit with the doctor. We can help make the appointment, show up with an IPAD, measure vital signs, conduct a medication review and then participate with the senior and the remote doctor during the visit.

We can schedule follow ups and report back to the physician with any changes, such as monitoring medication changes, etc.

If you are a physician who wants to reach out to your patients virtually but needs assistance, or if you are a patient who wants a doctor’s visit without leaving your home, then give us a call! We are here to help.