While health care workers were among the first groups allowed to get a COVID-19 vaccine, they appear to be no more interested in the shots than other sectors of the workforce.

In a recent Gallup Poll, 49% of health care workers and first responders said they would get vaccinated, 39% said they would not, and 18% said they were unsure.

Those in the unsure group stated they would be more inclined to receive the vaccine if an employer publicly endorsed it and provided more information.  They also cited the opinions of their family and friends as important, while another poll shows social media is only being relied upon for information about 4% of the time.

The 49% likely health care worker vaccination rate compares with 47% of people working in education, retail and production jobs and 50% of workers in other industries. 

A survey by myCNAJobs this week reported that 44% of respondents said they were not sure if they would get the vaccine.  87% of those in the unsure category stated that they would consider the vaccine if they had more education about it. 

In response, At Home Nursing Care Administrator Lauren Reynolds created a three and a half minute video talking directly to her staff and direct care workers to answer their questions about vaccination.  Click below to watch the video.