Rudy – Welcome to our AHNC Team

Rudy Being Vaccinated

“I got vaccinated because I want to be safe and want the safety of other people.  But most of all I’m taking care of older people. 

It was good to received it. It’s like you have a shield in your body, I’m confident that I’m not going to get COVID-19. When I got my shot I did not feel anything, next day I had some body pain, but it’s manageable.”

Kendi – 6 years of service with us, holding baby Olivia


Kendi with daughter Olivia

“I decided to get vaccinated because I want to protect myself, my family, and my clients that I care for. Also, to help stop the pandemic overall.

I feel better protected receiving the vaccine. I feel empowered that I did what I can to help end the pandemic. As for side effects, I had a sore arm that went away in about 24 hours.”

Olga – Caregiver with us for nearly 10 years 


“I decided to get the vaccine because I want to get our lives back. I want to be able to be safe for my clients, family and friends. We’ve done this before with other viruses, why not do it again?

It was like getting any other vaccine, just in an enormous scale. Literally a sea of cars at Petco, but it was great to be a part of something so important.”