Quality homecare not only improves safety, but has many other benefits including enhancing quality of life and reducing loneliness.  Homecare provided by a reputable and experience home health or homecare agency reduces strain and worry for the spouse or children who may be trying to provide in home care themselves while working or tending to their own children. 

“Not only can home health care help to avoid accidents and falls, but it can increase your loved one’s happiness,” says Gretchen Jacobson, Associate Director of the Kaiser Family Foundation. 

Homecare that is non-medical is one aspect of home health care that provides comfort, companionship, activities and safety in the home setting. The benefits of this quality homecare are many, but here are five that are the most important: 

1. In home care offers individualized care in an environment where clients report feeling most comfortable, their own home. 

2. Clients have improved nutrition, with healthy meals prepared by their home care attendant. 

3. Families can rest assured that their loved one is being reminded to take medications on schedule, avoiding the medication errors that lead to 26 % of preventable hospitalizations. 

4. A caring in home care aide will assist with light housekeeping, transportation to errands or doctor’s appointments, and will make sure the clients everyday needs are being met.  This improves the client’s engagement in the community, enriches their life with more social activity and helps to avoid the depression and poor health outcomes linked with loneliness. 

5. Safety is maintained with quality home care so that clients remain as independent as possible for as long as possible by avoiding the common risks associated with injury or hospitalization, while giving loved one’s needed time off from caregiving.  

In home care may be provided hourly, daily or around the clock with 24 hour homecare.  A plan of care is created that reflects the client’s goals, wishes and values, so that the caregiver has a roadmap to the highest quality care. 

If skilled nursing is needed, in home care with private duty nursing can help clients with wound care, feeding through G or J tubes, insulin injections, IV therapies at home, and more. 

If you or someone you love needs in home care, we are happy to be of service.  At Home Nursing Care is a leading provider of in home care, whether you need non-medical caregiving assistance or skilled nurses in your home.