Hello, I am Bolt, a Certified Therapy Dog dedicated to helping seniors in need of a friend, or a lick, or a paw shake.   My booking agent, Lynda, sets up fun visits for me.  I mostly visit with seniors who are in need of a little puppy love because of illness or maybe because they are just getting up there in age.  I am 7 in dog years, but I act much older when I have my “uniform” on, a nice vest that tells everyone I am here to help.

Today was a great day. I went to see my friends at Aviara Healthcare Center and the Carlsbad Senior Center.

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!

I go into the Senior Center and greet everyone as they are leaving after lunch. Ruff! Everyone is so happy to see me.  For some reason, interacting with a pet is great for helping seniors in need because it lowers anxiety, even blood pressure.   I get my ears rubbed, my belly scratched and I even get a yummy snack once in a while. Ruff!
I also went and visited all the sweet people in the memory care and rehab unit at Aviara. It’s so nice to see the smiles on their faces when I come in and visit. I wish I could stay there with some of them because I know they are lonely and need some doggie loving. Ruff!

Makes me happy to know I’m bringing a “bolt” of sunshine into their lives if only for a few moments. It was so great to visit one of our client’s ,Mrs. M, who is in the rehab unit.   Mrs. M is usually taken care of in her own home by our wonderful caregiver… but she had a set back and needed a “touch up” at Aviara healthcare center.

She and I had a great time together. When she gets discharged I’m gonna be sure to visit her at her home. She loves our San Diego therapy dog treatment. Ruff!

Off to Doggie Park now to get some playtime – official workday is over!